Pilates in the Nordic

Nordic Walking

Taster sessions, learn to Nordic walk courses, and a variety of regular walks available to suit all abilities. Online booking available through the activites page of,


Nordic Walking was originally used by elite cross country skiers as a way of stay in shape throughout the summer months. It has now increased in popularity as a way for people of all ages and levels of fitness to tone up, lose weight, and improve their health. The way that you move the arms and plant the poles means that you are able to propel the body forward as you walk. Benefits include, using up to 46% more calories and 90% of the bodies muscles.

My walks cater for all abilities and levels of fitness from those with medical conditions or recovering from injury to fitter individuals looking for something new, or training for a specific event such as the Three Peaks Challenge.

The Nordic Walking sessions are fun and full of variety. It is also a great way to meet new people and socialise, as many walks will include a cuppa at the end.