Pilates in the Nordic

Pilates Equipment- reformer, ladder barrel & wunda chair

Using the Pilates studio equipment is a fantastic way to see fast results and achieve your goals. The variety of exercises available makes the equipment suitable for everyone, from those with an injury or medical condition, through to elite athletes. I provide bespoke 121's and duets at my home studio just outside of Brechfa.

Pilates Reformer is done using a reformer machine, and is generally more supportive than mat based pilates as it adds resistance to the exercises via the use of springs. This means that exercises can be made easier, or more challenging depending upon your objectives. The closed chain feedback from the machine also helps the client to improve their proprioception.

The Pilates Barrels - The ladder barrel, spine corrector, and baby arc are brilliant for improving core strength and flexibility. The different barrel surfaces can be used to both challenge the body and provide wonderful support for movement. These can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

The chair is one of the most versatile pieces of pilates equipment around. The use of springs provide both resistance and support, whilst the small base of support makes the exercises challenging for even the most experienced client. It has a remarkable ability to build core, and upper and lower body strength. It is also a great rehabilitation tool.