Pilates in the Nordic

About Becki

A warm welcome to my website. I hope that you find everything that you are looking for, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

"My passion is in making exercise an enjoyable part of everyone's daily routine. My Pilates and Nordic Walking classes are small, fun, and full of variety". (Becki)

In May 2016 myself, my husband Adam, and our two children made the fantastic move to beautiful Brechfa. The perfect place for us to relocate to due to our love for the outdoors. After having run a successful business in Surrey for nearly seven years I am very excited to be bringing my enthusiasm for teaching Pilates and Nordic Walking to Carmarthenshire. 

My Introduction to Pilates

I was first introduced to pilates after suffering from a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine in 2005, which required an operation. Following the operation, I did not feel that my recovery was progressing as quickly as I had hoped. I transferred my aftercare to a different back specialist who recommended that I include pilates as part of my rehabilitation programme. Once pilates became part of my regular routine, the pain subsided and I made a full recovery. It is because of this that I trained as an instructor with Body Control Pilates in 2009, and as a specialist for the rehabilitation of lower back pain in 2012. I also have qualifications in Exercise for Bone Health (Osteoporosis), as a Pilates Reformer Teacher, and have a Diploma in Diabetes Risk Awareness.

My Introduction to Nordic Walking

As someone with a love for being outdoors, and exercising outdoors, nordic walking was the perfect choice to complement my pilates business. I have a great enthusiasm for nordic walking and the many benefits it brings, both for physical fitness and mental health. After completing my instructor training with Nordic Walking UK in 2011, I quickly became a delivery partner of their award winning Learn To Nordic Walk programme.