Pilates in the Nordic

Cancel and Swap a class here

<a href="http://www.classswap.co.uk/login.asp?jUID=GIVICHGEFIBYWLGJHRBWYUSO">Cancel and swap into a class here</a>

If you cant make a class you are booked on to, you can cancel out of your regular class and take up a cancellation in another class, providing that you cancel more than 24 hours before your class start time. The instructions below will take you through the process, however if you experience any problems I am happy to help.

  1. log onto the class swap link at the top of the page using your email address and the password I have given you.
  2. A welcome page will appear saying 'Welcome (name) what would you like to do? Post a swap, Claim a swap, Change your details, Help, Logout
  3. Firstly you need to click the post a swap tab. Your class list will appear with the class dates for the current course. Simply find the date you cant attend and click the 'post' button next to the date.
  4. Next click the 'take up' tab. This will only list those classes and dates that currently have space available to book. If there is a class there you can attend you can click on the chosen class and date, and your space is confirmed. If there are no suitable classes available keep checking as spaces will become available when other clients post a swap.
  5. After you have posted a swap and taken up another class, an email will be sent out to you and to Becki your instructor confirming the swap.
  6. Swaps are only listed for the current course, you cannot carry them over.